July. That as the last time my husband and I had a date. The night before a family wedding, we had a nice dinner out courtesy of a Groupon gifted to us by a friend. Then the day after the wedding we had a beautiful, luxurious dinner at the restaurant at our hotel. It was a long and wonderful weekend with far too much food but we enjoyed ourselves immensely. But life has gotten busy since then. We haven’t had the time or the money to get out again.

We feel it too. The tension between us when we can’t have an uninterrupted conversation. When we are so tired that the words just don’t come. When brushing against each other as we sleep or leaning against each other on the couch is as close as we get. We need to reconnect. No, it doesn’t have to involve food. But we enjoy food. Things we don’t have to cook or clean up. The opportunity to linger and savor. Tonight we’ll settle for takeout from our favorite restaurant with a favorite bottle of wine and the dessert of our choosing. (Oh, yeah and the last two Harry Potter movies. We’re OK with our nerdiness). The children in bed early so we can bask in the bounty of each other’s presence before the fatigue sets in. Our little at home date. Our bubble of solitude and togetherness in the storm of parenting. I promise we’ll enjoy it.


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Day 24: Mother’s Unite!


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