I don’t drink tea, or coffee either for that matter. But I like the idea of friends, especially busy moms, taking the time to sit for a quiet cup in a café or a deserted living room or kitchen while the children are elsewhere. This is something desperately missing in my life right now. I love my MOPS group and the ladies there are a lifeline, but I miss the one on one connection. In interact with others at work an in ministry activities. But in a world where snow fall seems to keep everyone indoors and one virus or another keeps us apart for fear of spreading the latest bug, this winter has been an isolated one so far.

The haze of the holidays never quiet lifted as we all sailed into the chaos of the new year and now January is nearing a close and I feel like I’ve barely left my house except to go to the grocery store, church or work. Oh, work. That job that I took up again because it seemed like a blessing from God; both the time away and the paycheck. But now it leaks into my daily life, sucking away the energy to call a friend. Of course I excuse my lack of initiative by telling myself that most of my friends are far too busy anyway. It’s mostly true, but I also know that I just don’t have the strength to extend myself into those relationships. So the proverbial teapot remains in the cabinet awaiting an opportunity to share. So as I head into yet another Friday and a busy week ahead, I promise myself that when it all calms, maybe I’ll call a friend.