It has been a long time since I posted about cloth diapers. I honestly didn’t think I’d be trying too many new things with my third baby. But as it turns out, the world of fluff has moved forward.

While I haven’t purchased many diapers, I have tried a few new ones and replaced some previous items. My Bumgenius 3.0’s and 4.0’s have been rehabbed more times than I can count. (With the exception of a few new ones I got as freebies from Kelly’s Closet.) A few of my Thirsties covers and Duo covers are showing their wear, but still in the rotation. My infant Chinese prefolds are still in good enough shape to pass on to my sister but my Indian prefolds in premium size barely made it through my first kid after I bleached them during a yeast episode. They were pretty well useless after my second and have since even been abandoned as cleaning rags. Moral of the story, don’t bleach your prefolds.

While my husband reminded me I didn’t need any new diapers, it has been fun to discover a few new things this time around.


Imaginebaby One Size Pocket Diaper

This is a brand I never heard of, but I got it free with another purchase from Kelly’s Closet. It’s a great diaper, especially for the price. If pocket diapers are your thing, especially one size ones, this is an affordable choice. The interior is fleece rather than the suede cloth used by brands like bumGenius, but so far I like it. These may not stand up to the wear and tear of multiple children. The only problem we’ve had is the hook & loop tabs curling slightly (I recommend purchasing one-size products with snaps whenever possible) because my husband put them through the dryer. Usually I recommend hanging dry the exterior portion of all pocket diapers, whether the manufacturer recommends it or not. It will significantly extend the life of your elastic and hook & loop fasteners. I liked these enough that I bought additional ones in snaps. I love the anchor pattern.

Nicki’s Diapers One Size Pocket Diaper

This is another diaper I got as freebie when I was purchasing nighttime trainers for my middle child. But I like it very much. Again, they are affordable, as pocket diapers go and one of the best features is that the inserts wash right out of the pocket without having to be removed. (The only other product I’ve seen with that feature was from Thirsties and those are priced much higher.) I purchased two additional diapers in snaps rather than hook & loop. The constellation pattern, Little Dipper is so cute.

Thirsties Improved One-Size AIO

I was so excited about this diaper and the adorable new pattern’s it’s available in, so I was ecstatic last December when I won one (and a new and improved Duo cover) in a Facebook giveaway. The reason I haven’t reviewed it before now was that I wanted to give it some fair use. So far, I really like it. It holds a lot, which is important because I primarily use AIO’s for going out of the house. The Velcro seems to be holding up well, but because it is one-size, if I order any more I’ll probably purchase them in snaps, which tend to have better staying power over time. Usually as my kids grow older AIO’s don’t have nearly enough absorbency, so we’ll see how this one does. But baby is ten months old and so far so good.

Thirsties Improved Duo cover Size 2 in snaps

I’ve never owned one of these covers in snaps. I bought quite a few for my first child when the Duo cover first came out, and I beat them up pretty good. I still used them a bit with my second, but not quite as much because the Velcro had gotten very worn and the gusset elastic was sagging. So I was excited to try them with snaps. Baby is on the low end of the weight recommended on the sizing, but these are especially nice for covering his bulkier nighttime diapers.

Thirsties Original Diaper Cover, Improved Hook & Loop

I love the new improved Hook & Loop on the Thristies covers. Normally I would say that sized covers aren’t necessary. I consider Thirsties to be the one exception. A few of these in each size are a wonderful addition to your stash, especially for covering overnight combos like prefolds and doublers or stuffed fitteds like we use.

Thirsties One-Size Pocket Diaper

This is another new product to me that I couldn’t resist the urge to try. I had previously purchased Duo Pockets in size 2 for my first child. They didn’t work all that well for her, as the inserts were always bunching up, causing leaks. They worked decently for my second, but I didn’t really trust them for nap time. This new one works well for me and honestly the older ones, while almost worn to shreds, are holding their own as well.

I’ve used a lot of different one-size pocket diapers and I have loved most of Thirsties products over the years and the fact that they are made in the USA.
Kelly’s Closet and Nikki’s Diapers are two of my favorite sellers for the following reasons. Kelly’s Closet recently lowered their free shipping threshold to $25 and they often run deals for free product with a certain size purchase. Nikki’s offers free shipping on all pocket diapers and also offers

This post was in no way solicited by any cloth diaper manufacturer or distributor. All opinions are my own and I have no been compensated for my reviews. (Though this post may contain affiliate links.