Photo Credit: Sesc em São Paulo Flickr via Compfight cc

I am only one person. But I get to be mom, wife, housekeeping, cook, scheduler, personal assistant and now handyman, professional packer and mover. Fortunately I am not the only one. I have a husband who puts in as much time as he can when he comes home from the office. I have wonderfully supportive parents and family who are giving me childcare and practical help. (God bless my dad for agreeing to help my husband with a last minute tiling job). I’m also lucky enough to be surrounded by friends, the kind of are willing to take my kids, even if only for a few hours, so that I can try to do some sprint packing without the constant interruptions.

We all go through periods of struggle in our lives and parenting. But we weren’t ever meant to take it on alone. We are designed for community and created for cooperation.

This 31 Day challenge didn’t not turn out like I expected, but I’m glad that I decided to attempt it anyway. It’s been a helpful way for me to work through the complicated phase of life we are in. I look forward to what next year’s challenge will hold!