With the health of the entire British Aerial Corps hanging in the balance, Laurence and Temeraire head for Africa with the dragons of formation their in tow. Meanwhile, Temeraire’s quest for dragon equality gains an ally in Laurence’s semi-estranged father and his abolitionist associate William Wilberforce. Once arrived, the quest for a cure leads the group to venture from Cape Town to investigate the unexplored interior. Soon all the intelligence and assumptions about the inhabitants of tribal Africa, both human and dragon, are proven dangerously inaccurate. This book is my second favorite of the series so far, my first choice still being His Majesty’s Dragon. We see a return of the ensemble of characters that made the first book so engaging. I also enjoyed the deeper interaction between the captains who forge relationships while knowing that their careers rest precariously on finding a cure to return their dragons to health. The plot twists made this book a hard one to put down.