Laundry has been a source of conflict for my husband and I since the beginning. Neither of really likes doing it. Then when the children came and the cloth diapering started, I accepted daily laundry as part of our lives.  In the early newborn days laundry was the only thing I had to measure my productivity. My  ongoing goal for the last four years has been to get all of the laundry (minus diapers) washed, dried and put away in one day. It rarely happens, but if it happens over the course of two days.

To me it represents the reptitiveness of motherhood. So few of my tasks ever feel complete, because most of them will have to be done again shortly. I have been striving to find goals for myself that are measureable. Things I can complete, check off a list, and feel like for once I’ve actually achieved something.

Tomorrow I run my first 5K and I’m feeling rather apprehensive about it. I’ve been working toward this goal and I want to complete it. I’m fighting foot pain and hoping to make it through the race. As excited as I am about this potential achievement, I know that when it’s over the laundry will still remain. I’m not just talking about the literal laundry. I’m talking about the daily grind.

The questions I answer 10 times before breakfast and dozens more before lunch. ”

No, you can’t have candy.”

“Yes, we are going to the library today. I don’t know if your friends will be there.”

“No, it’s not your birthday for another nine months.”

But the truth is I complete things everyday, but the tasks proceed so slowly and sometimes immeasurably that it is hard to see the progress. My son is beginning to speak better, little by little. He’s heartý and healthy after nearly a year of efforts. My daugher’s strong will is slowly being directed into focus and independence. (Emphasis on slowly.) I’m progressing as a writer and a blogger, putting work towards my Lenten devotional and my novel. Writing and bloging more consistently than I have  years. Every day is laundry day, as the seemingly pointless tasks are intermingled with the long term ones. This is motherhood for me, in this season. I know it won’t last forever, so today I’ll try to embrace the laundry and look forward to the 5K.

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