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Last week I fasted from news and entertainment media. I found that listening to music in the car, especially worship music, rather than talk or news radio definitely improved my mood. The hardest time was in the afternoon during my kids naps. Normally I’d watch a TV show while I eat my lunch and then maybe knit while I watch. It was hard not to, which probably means it was good for me. Instead I spent some time in prayer reading books I’ve been working my way through. I also allowed myself some time for pleasure reading or writing. I did miss watching TV but I also enjoyed reading and I felt a level of accomplishment. (If I could just figure out a way to read while knitting I think I would have created my ideal activity). Though some days I didn’t stop at all and kept working. I didn’t find that as satisfying. I clearly need a short break each afternoon, but it seems that TV or social media binging aren’t necessarily the way to do that.

This week my focus is on my relationship with the world around me. My workplace, neighborhood, etc. I want to emphasiz reflecting the joy of Christ. This is not always an easy thing to do; when my neighbor parks in my spot or I have to stand in a long line at the store because of a shopper who is particularly slow or has an extra large cart full of groceries. To do this I’m choosing to fast from dessert. In this case, it’s because this is something that I use to cope when I should be depending on the joy of the Lord to sustain me. I’m really dreading it, truth be told. I really like having my nightly dessert and TV show with my husband. For someone else it might be that first cup of coffee in the morning, or the glass of wine with dinner. It’s anything really, that we need to help us function and remain happy instead of the joy of the Lord. Normally fasting makes me cranky, so I’m going to attempt to not allow my fast to affect my mood, but rather pray for a supernatural experience of joy and that it will be reflect in my interactions with others.


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