It can be easy to lose focus in the daily grind. Sometimes I get so caught up in the diapers and dishes I forget that my goal is to raise children who love God and love others. While having a clean house in part of that, it isn’t all of that. For the last few weeks we’ve been taking  the time to put some focus on ourselves as well, which is a good thing since it will ultimately help us to be better wives and mothers. But I have to remember that I also have a higher calling.

1399686_21236547Inspiration I’ve Imbibed

Keep your eyes of Jesus. He is supposed to be at the center of all that I do. Remembering what my ultimate focus is supposed to be is a difficult task while also trying to take care of myself, but I try to remember that God loves me and just as I love to see my daughter feeling good about herself, I think he feels the same about me. Another great challenge is to remember that your expression can be as important as what you wear. Practice smiling more. This actually can help you feel happier and makes you look better too. No amount of makeup can make an unhappy person look truly beautiful.

Challenges I’ve Pursued

Buy new eye makeup if you wish, something that makes you feel like actually looking people in the eye and smiling.

Remind yourself that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that we are beloved daughter’s of the most high God. He sees us as beautiful, both inside and out, just as we look at our own children. As you get dressed, try to see yourself through his eyes.

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