We all have personal style. I never thought I had style. I’m still not sure I do. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I like and what looks good on me. But the truth is, I am an original. We all are. It may not come out in the way we dress, but in the way we speak or write. We each of have something special that we add to the world, and it is all beautiful.

Inspiration I’ve Imbibed

I think I don’t really want to be stylish anymore. I just want to like the way I look. As Madeline L’Engle suggests, I need to stop seeing myself in the wrong mirrors. I’m glad we are almost finished with this challenge because I think I’m just about done thinking so much about how I look. I’ve built some healthy habits, like trying to get dressed each day. But I’ve also made my own compromises. Sometimes on Monday’s I wear yoga pants all day. I try to work out in the morning, but I also have dance rehearsals at my church on Monday night. What is the point of changing my clothes just to get back into workout wear later? I choose my nicer things, the kind that can be worn to the store or seen by the UPS man. They won’t be my pajamas. But I’ll compromise because it fits my life right now.

Challenges I’ve accepted

I’ve decided to stop looking at me and start look at Him. I want to know who I am to my creator, how I matter to my Savior. I’m honestly not entirely sure. After being raised in this faith, and spending my adult years finding how I fit into it, I’m still a little lost. But I think I’ve decided that’s OK. Maybe if I stand still, He’ll find me.

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