The beauty of truth is that it doesn’t change. It’s the rock we cling to when the ground is moving and the sky falls down. But it’s also the boulder be beat our hearts against in bloody fury when we wish it wasn’t so. When we want to be right more than true. When we’d rather have fairness than justice. We have found the way, and the life, but sometimes the truth gets in our way. I find myself wishing that grace wasn’t always so readily available, when I am the one who must do the forgiving. Perhaps if only love wasn’t so all encompassing people might take more responsibility for their actions? But it isn’t my call to make, though some days I wish it was.
The truth is, I don’t deserve what I have. None of us do. That’s grace. I deserve far worse. We all do. That’s mercy. The truth is hard to swallow when it means having to set aside your own standards, anger and desire for retribution. But the truth doesn’t change. We cannot bend it to our will or make it say what isn’t already written by the creator of the universe, the savior of our souls and comforter of our spirits. We can pound upon the rock or stand upon it. Sometimes I do some of both.