Christmas shopping can be overwhelming enough without the added difficulty of knowing the background of the items we purchase. Which is why most Americans don’t bother. However, if just a few of those purchases could be made from more ethical or fair trade sources, it could make a huge dent in the market and be literally life changing for those who make our stuff.


The Root Collective

Though primarily known for their amazing shoes, The Root Collective is also offering some lovely block printed scarves for the Christmas shopping season. While the shoes are amazing and worth every dollar, they might be out of your price range for gift giving, but this scarf comes in just about right plus use the coupon code HOLIDAY17 until the end of today for 20% off.


Amani ya Juu

This is organization is doing wonderful work and their products are beautiful. I own two bags from them and I’ve given other items as gifts. I love their place mats and cloth napkins, and I have a running wish list of their jewelry. They have a wonderful selection of hostess type gifts as well.
Get 15% off with the coupon CYBER17 and get free shipping on orders over $100.


Grace and Lace

I discovered this lovely company about a year ago and they have a huge selection of products. The founder started out just making boot cuffs and has expanded into a full line of clothing, most notably for me being the Two Way Cardigan and the Grab ‘n Go multi wear knit. They are having a massive Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale and it’s almost over so don’t walk, run to your nearest device and check out their amazing selection.

Get 20% off your first order here and get free shipping with no minimum purchase during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.

To the Market

Unlike the other companies, To the Market doesn’t produce goods, but they provide a platform for artisans and organizations from all over the world to sell their products. You can sort by country, cause, or organization. So if you specifically want to purchase items from artisans in Haiti or use your dollars to support survivors of human traffiking, you can filter the options accordingly. I love the kids jewelry To the Market carries, and they also have a nice selection of hostess gifts. But they truly carry so many different kinds of things I can’t begin to touch on them all! I love the fact that I can target where my dollars go in such a specific way. (Use the code CYBER30 to get 30% off select collections on Cyber Monday!)


This may be a season for giving, but we don’t have to be donating to charity for our dollars to matter. Making more conscious purchases from local small businesses as well as fair trade companies with artisans from around the world can make a lasting impact well beyond the holiday season.


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