I am a pretty low maintenance person. My makeup routine during my high school years was minimal, unless I was getting especially dressed up. In college, sleep always won and even when I worked full time, I didn’t really enjoy the process of putting on makeup. All that changed last year when I tried Beauty Counter for the first time.

What first attracted me to be Beauty Counter was that their products are both safe and ethical. (Basically that means the people making the product and those sourcing its ingredients were treated and paid fairly and the products are safe for me and my skin. More about that here.) Initially, I’ll admit to being a little shocked by the price tag. But I was also struggling with my skin. I had been making the slow transition to safer skin care and makeup and still hadn’t found replacements for all of my usual products. So I decided to see what all the fuss was about.

I approached a friend who I knew was a Beauty Counter rep. (She is admittedly the lowest pressure rep I’ve ever met, which is why I love buying from her). She gave me her sample kit to try out some products and I was pleased and surprised. After a year of using Beauty Counter, there are products I love, those I enjoy using and a few that just weren’t for me. I’m going to focus here on the products I love.


My All Time Favorite Beauty Counter Products

Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation

Prior to this, I hadn’t worn liquid foundation in years. I hated the way it made my skin look and the way it always sank into my pores. But this foundation was different. I made my tiny little sample last for three applications and when it was gone I couldn’t wait to order more. It made my skin look and feel fantastic.  As long as they don’t change it, this is the only foundation I will ever buy. While I am not a daily makeup user, I do wear foundation several times a week and my first tube has lasted me nearly a year! A little bit of this goes a long way.

Body Butter in Citrus Mimosa

I go around barefoot a lot and when I teach and perform dance, I primarily do so in bare feet as well. My feet take a beating and winter is the worst. Last winter my hands were horrifically dry too. But this body butter is absolutely the best. The fragrance is subtle and gender neutral. My husband (who suffers from chronically dry skin year round, but especially in winter) refers to this as the magic lotion.

Facial Oils

I’ll be honest that I wasn’t sure what I thought about these at first. Then I tried the No. 3 Balancing Facial Oil as part of the Beauty Counter + Balancing Spa Set. Heavenly. The oil leaves a slight shine on my face, so I primarily use it at night. When using it regularly, I noticed a positive difference in my skin’s texture and over all, I loved how my face felt.

Sheer Lipstick

I have tried several different brands of safer lipstick. (Lipstick is one of those products, like mascara, that is likely to contain some of those nasty toxins I’m trying to avoid.) This lipstick is one of the few I’ve ever used, of any brand, that doesn’t dry out my lips. I have three colors so far, and I will happily purchase more in the future.  Twig is my favorite shade for a neutral, low maintenance look. Currant is my fall go-to and Rose was my primary shade all through spring and summer. There are lots of amazing options.


If you aren’t sure what to give this Christmas, consider a product from Beauty Counter. There are some lovely gift sets for men, women and even kids.

These are some of my favorites.

Clean Slate Charcoal Duo

This gender neutral set makes a great Christmas gift. The charcoal mask and cleansing bar are great for acne prone skin, but will be lovely for anyone. Both of these are in my regular weekly rotation of skin care products.

Holiday Soap Trio

I actually considered buying this for myself because I’m desperate for some soap that won’t destroy my hands this winter. Plus I love knowing the fragrances in these soaps are safe.


Make your purchases this Christmas part of an investment in a healthier world and a healthier body. Check out all the Beauty Counter has to offer.



Anyone who orders through my online social is entered to win a free Charcoal Cleansing Bar!



My online social will remain live until December 7, so that you can take advantage of any Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. However, many of the gift sets are very popular and may sell out quickly, so keep that in mind. Happy holiday shopping!