All photos were taken by Leah Molinari of Whimsy & Whatnot

I tried not to see the extra weight and rolls. The fullness of face, all the things about my postpartum body that I just can’t make peace with. Because really, they are amazing pictures. We were honored to have such a talented photographer come to our dance rehearsal and document us dancing, worshiping and trying to be as authentic as possible. Yes, it can be awkward when you know someone is watching, even worse if you know someone is filming or photographing. But we wanted to document what it was like, to try and show others what we are going for. So that they might join us. Not because they have skill. But because they have heart.


So I look at those images and I ask myself how I would react if it was someone else. I would be pleased for her. Focused on the inhibited nature of her movement, not the flaws of her figure. Because all I can offer is myself, the body I have right now, rather than the one I wish I had. A living sacrifice of worship, rather than excuses about how I am not good enough. Because none of us is good enough, but we have been made perfect by His blood.


I am strong enough to walk, stand and move. So that is what I bring before the throne. If all I could do was kneel, then that would do as well. It’s not about what I do, but that I offer what I have. That is part that makes it worship.