Photo Credit: dog.happy.art Flickr via Compfight cc

I don’t know why I like getting flowers. I know they are temporary, over priced and then look really sad when they wilt. But there is something rejuvenating about seeing those fresh blooms on my table every day. When the lilac bushes in our yard bloom, I always cut some and bring them inside to enjoy. Lilacs make terrible cut flowers because they wilt so quickly, but the fragrance is heavenly.

Flowers are something we don’t often find in our budget these days. It’s never been a regular thing, but it is something I miss. Sometimes for special occasions but mostly because. The time I before we were married when I stayed at my husband’s first apartment so the various utility companies could come turn services on. He left me a rose and a cookie with a love note. He didn’t own any vases so he put the rose in a thermos. It made me feel special and appreciated. I know that I am still special and appreciated now, but I also know that life gets in the way. There never seems to be the time, or the money for those kind of little romantic details.

I hope that as we get past this big move, our kids get older and hopefully we find a new equilibrium as family we will make time for little romantic gestures again. Because it isn’t really about the flowers, as beautiful as they are and as much as I miss them, it’s the being remembered.