I tell my daughter she is beautiful, because she is. But I tell her it is more important to be kind, because that is beauty on the inside.

Thirty is the beginning of the end, the culture tells me. Time for anti-aging serums and I gaze longingly at my neck, dreading the sags and stare at my hands, realizing they remind me of my mother’s. The magazine covers in the checkout line taunt me. In no time my friends will go from discussing natural labors and breastfeeding to plastic surgery. Should we get tummy tucks to get rid of those mommy bellies and stretch marks? Have our eyes done to erase the sleepless nights? Botox for the furrowed brows of frustration and worry etched by everything from potty training woes to peer pressure?

But what if I focused on the inside? What is instead of worrying if I have crow’s feet, I deal with the creeping bitterness that sours my previously happy days? Maybe I should spend more time fighting to restore my joy rather than my waist line.

 Inspiration I’ve Imbibed

It’s good to focus on the outer appearance sometimes, but we cannot neglect the inside. No amount of outward beauty will compensate for an unhappy heart or negative attitude.

Challenges I’ve Pursued

Read Proverbs 9:13, 6:25 and 31:31. Now reassess yourself. While you should keep getting dressed this week, try focusing more in your inner beauty. Try to be more joyful, loving and kind. I know that can be a tall order, especially if you are a stressed out mommy, but I think the effort is worth it. Not only will it make us more pleasant for others to be around, it will make us feel better as well.

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