As this is the time of year we tend toward resolutions, I thought I would try for one of my own. Usually I am the type of person who has lots of plans for myself and within weeks I burn out. So the idea of tackling one project a week seemed attainable. Enter 52 Week to an Organized Home Challenge. Every Monday for the next 52 weeks I will receive and email challenging me to organize and area of my house. I know well I won’t complete all of these tasks. Partially because I don’t even have all the areas of the home this addresses (we live in small house) and we are expecting a baby in just 10 weeks. But sometimes it’s better to complete part of a great challenge like this than not to try at all. So stay tuned for news and hopefully pictures too about my attempt to organize my home because of and in spite of having a new baby coming in only 10 weeks.