This is an interesting topic. There is a long history of debates within Christianity about how women should dress. I’m not going to get into that here. In fact, I encourage you to decide based on your own faith tradition with beautiful looks like. Then be it. Because you are. But our outward beauty should always be a reflection of our inner worth. Don’t just try to look beautiful. Act beautiful. Practice virtues of kindness, generosity, and mercy. These qualities make us beautiful on the inside, which I believe reflects on the outside as well.

However, there are many examples in the Bible of when women made an effort to look attractive for the purposes of God. When Esther approached the king to ask for favor she dressed up and wore her crown. The Proverbs 31 woman wore clothing of fine, purple linen. In my opinion, there is no sin in being beautiful. It’s the reasoning behind it that matters.

Inspiration I’ve Imbibed

When I get dressed in the morning, I honor my body which is a gift from God. When I make an effort to look attractive I honor my husband and my children by showing them that they matter enough for me to make the effort. When I leave my home looking put together I am showing the world the joy that I have as a child of God. My goal is not to puff myself up, or attract attention for deceitful purposes. Sometimes I fail and I dress to impress more than I should. But that isn’t the intention of my heart.

Challenges I’ve Pursued

As I select my clothing I remind myself who I am dressing for and why. I ask myself if what I am wearing honors my body, my husband, my children and my Father in heaven. I think we each have to do some personal soul searching to decide how that looks for each of us. I think the important thing is that we make the effort to be aware of the motivations behind our actions.

This week let’s make sure we are trying to be beautiful for the right reasons and that we focus as much energy on being beautiful on the inside as well.

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