Photo Credit: wuestenigel Flickr via Compfight cc

He loves to but doubts his talent. It makes me sad to see him set aside something he used to love. Then our daughter decided she wanted to be an artist. Ok, she was five or six at the time, but we still encouraged. She would spend every day splashing her ideas across the canvas, page or any other medium you offered her, if she could.

So he set up two canvases side by side and one afternoon while the boys were napping, they had a father daughter painting date. In that moment I could see how she got his creative mind, but also his self critical spirit.

It is so difficult to see the things you dislike about yourself (or your spouse) in your child. But it has been my experience that sometimes the most aggravating traits can also come with some of the best parts. So around here we’re trying to learn to celebrate the advantages of our personalities while still working on some of our difficulties. Many days I fail miserably at this. (I know stubbornness and independence will come in hand some day, we’re just not there yet.)

But I want my daughter to know that the same creative mind that demands perfection (and is frustrated and wants to give up without) is also one that has the capacity for amazing things. For my son to know that his incredibly high energy level and stubbornness can be channeled into tireless determination. I need to remind my husband that while his need for quiet poses difficulty as a parent, his ability to listen is an asset as a dad.

We have all been painted in different colors, mediums and with different techniques; but we all have the same artist.