A few weeks ago my husband and I had another long conversation about my mood and my attitude. He was concerned that I seemed unhappy and unable to cope with the basics of our daily living. Just getting through the laundry, cooking, dishes and general household cleanup was overwhelming. I was on my feet all day and yet so little seemed to get done. I had recently left my part time job when my child care swap no longer worked and yet I didn’t seem to have anymore time. We had one of those discussions/arguments that lasts until much later at night than it should, and yet nothing seemed to be resolved.

The next morning this book appeared in my Facebook newsfeed. It was being offered for free in honor of Simple Homeschool reaching 100,000 likes. Since I like Jamie Martin very much I decided it was worth a try. It immediately spoke to me. I realized that Jamie and I are very much alike. I am just beginning my homeschool journey, while she is well established in hers. We are both introverts and have a passion to write. When I read her words, I often feel as though we share many of the same thoughts. Within a day or two of skimming the first few pages I began to see an improvement in my mood.

This book recommends taking 30 days. I’m going to take longer because I want to do more than read it, I want to meditate on it. The truth is, I know I need an attitude adjustment. My children are not easy by any means, but when I start my morning with a negative mindset, it doesn’t make things easier. No this is not a miracle book. It’s short, making it attainable to the limited moments of free time I have in my day. It says what I need to hear, but don’t always want to. Yet with such a gentle manner of humility and genuine transparency that it makes it easier to take.

I’m looking forward to this journey. Mostly because I’m about as sick of my attitude as everyone else at my house. But also because I want to feel better. I’m tired of feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and discontented. I want to seek a level of satisfaction with my life where it is right now rather than constantly looking ahead to the next thing and hoping that things will get better.

Won’t you join me? As the MOPS motto says “Friends don’t let friends mother alone.” We are all in this together. Rather than trying to fix each other with the latest advice and methods; maybe we can just empower each other to make the chances we each need.