Last Monday afternoon I was suddenly offered something I’ve never had before: a Mommy’s Day Off. My sister and brother in law decided to go to the beach for the day on Tuesday and offered to take my two year old with them. Suddenly I was faced with an entire day to spend by myself. I was tempted to take off shopping but my lack of funds and exhaustion of late changed my mind. I ended up spending most of the morning working on a sewing project. Then I had lunch followed by a nice long nap, something I can rarely justify. It was a strange sensation sitting in an empty house. For a while I just sat and enjoyed the quiet. No TV, no toddler music, no whining: just silence. Of course, inevitably I started feeling sad about how empty the house seemed. Imagining what life would be like without my daughter (aside from the fact that I would still be working fulltime and wouldn’t be home during the day), I found that I missed her presence. Though I got over it, and threw myself into enjoying my day. I mostly focused on rest and relaxation, two things that are rare for me. Had I had a few more days of notice, I might have planned a bit more.

What kind of things do you do on your Mommy or Daddy day off?