I thought this step was very helpful. While it didn’t end up saving us much money, I still think it’s an important thing to be reviewed, probably regularly. We were generally happy with our current insurer so we decided to see if they could give us any additional discounts rather than shop around for new insurance. We have two cars and our home owner’s insurance with the same company, so we were already receiving discounts for that. Our homeowner’s insurance already had a $1,000 deductible on it and raising it wouldn’t have saved us very much. But because we do so little driving in our two cars they were able to reduce out monthly bill by about $100 a year. It doesn’t seem like much but that’s $100 we didn’t have before. Insurance is one of those things that you send to set up and then forget about.  But just because your current coverage suited you when you got it five or ten years ago, doesn’t mean that you couldn’t get a better rate now. If the rates go up, don’t be afraid to ask for a review of your policy. Reviewing your monthly expenses can seem tedious but you can find some great opportunities for savings.