We recently met with our financial planner and while we were there we decided to review our life insurance. Currently we are pretty decently covered mostly with term life insurance. Trent has a very negative view of whole life insurance. But we do have some whole life, only about $25,000 each. But the majority of our coverage is in term life. We trust our financial planner. He is a man of serious ethics and values and we wouldn’t be doing business with him if we thought otherwise. He understood some of my concerns with whole life, particularly for me. My husband has an excellent rate on his combination whole life and term policy; one that he probably couldn’t get again due to some current health problems. So we are reluctant to make any changes to that coverage. We could potentially save a small amount each month by getting rid of my whole life and term policy and replacing it with one that contains only term. But I’m not sure it would be worth it. My policy is building cash value and at a pretty decent rate. Considering the low rate of interest we are earning in our savings account and the instability in the market, I feel like whole life is still a worthwhile choice for us. Maybe not for everyone, but it works for us.