Since it took me longer than 31 days to finish this challenge, I am going to use this step as a wrap up. Already I can see the results of the goals I have worked toward.  I liquidated a poorly managed state run retirement account and put the money directly towards paying down debt. Not something I recommend for everyone, but it was definitely the right plan for us. I’ve not been pursuing my writing as seriously as I would like, but I have begun sending queries to publishers again, which is something I avoided in the past for fear of rejection. I still find myself very discouraged with our slow financial progress toward paying down debt, but I’m trying to see each small step as a victory, even if only a little one.

This process has taught me a lot about what I want in my life and how that doesn’t always match my actions. Thanks to recommendations on The Simple Dollar, I have started reading Your Money or Your Life and The Total Money Makeover. I’m beginning to see the mountains in the distance through small breaks in the fog. Yes, we have a lot to overcome and some days it seems like the odds are stacked against us. For every dime I save our expenses increase a dollar, but I’m trying to keep moving forward and looking toward the larger goals ahead; putting one foot in front of the other but keeping my eyes on the horizon not the foggy road in front of me.