This step was also not all that revealing to me based on our current income. As I said in my last post, my husband has a very short commute to work: 5-7 minutes. He doesn’t often work overtime, and only works from home on extra projects a few times a year. For the most part he puts in a standard 40 hour work week with a short commute and the occasional work from home assignment on the weekend.

My husband has a salaried job, but doesn’t put in many of the long hours that I see with many of my friends who are salaried employees. He doesn’t have to travel for work or commute long distances to the office. Lately he has spent more time than I would like worrying about work when he is at home, though. That is a primary reason why he would consider looking for a different job. But he is also hoping to increase his income so that we can begin paying down our student loan debt and saving for the future. Yet, we need to consider carefully whether the possibility of a higher income would outweigh the disadvantages associated with a longer commute and potentially longer hours.