Ok, so that’s not entirely accurate. The last time I went running (at least by choice, I once walked/jogged/ran to the park with my two littles in the stroller and front pack when trying to meet a friend for a park play date, for which she was late anyway), was during my second year of college in 2002. I was already dancing several days a week, but running was all the rage with my college friends so I decided to try it with my roommate one early fall morning. I quickly decided that this was unlikely to be a regular thing for me, in spite of my desire to be in great shape for my upcoming wedding. One thing I hate about running is this strange mucus thing that goes on with my nose and throat. It kind of feels like I’m drowning and cold weather makes it worse. (Sorry for the TMI). Plus the sound of my breath rattling desperately in my ears. I’m never quite gotten over that.

Last week, I decided to give it another try. I really wanted to find a physical challenge for myself, but I also wanted to prove something. Yes, that’s right, I was doing it partly to prove that I could. When I said that I thought I might like to run a 10K or maybe a half marathon someday, my family wasn’t exactly supportive. They basically said, “well maybe you should try something smaller before you set yourself up for disappointment.” I realize that they had a point. I have never been a runner, so setting my sights too high could result in giving up when things got too hard. However, it also felt like a challenge. Could I really do it and prove to them that I was capable of more than they thought? My husband thinks I may have suffered some kind of brain damage, as his policy towards running is that you don’t do it unless someone is chasing you.

I’ll be the first to admit, that even after a couple of sessions, I don’t fully understand the appeal except for the sheer calorie burning power and bragging rights. But if I could find another kind of exercise that burned as many calories in as short a time, I might consider it. But for now, I want the challenge, to push myself to do something new that I’ve never done before. I certainly don’t have my sites set on a half marathon anytime soon, but it feels good to have a new goal.