After meeting with a lactation consultant to try and track down some of the reasons for my low milk supply, and thus my son losing weight, we moved forward with a treatment plan for the next week until his weight check. The lactation consultants noted that he had low body fat, but seemed hydrated and alert. The goal was to nurse Robin as often as possible, give him 10-12 ounces a day of milk in addition to nursing and then pump at least six times a day. It wasn’t easy pumping that many times a day while managing my toddler as well. (More TV was watched than I would ever like to admit). I also went to my own doctor for blood tests to rule out low thyroid and anemia, which can affect milk let down and supply. Those results came back normal. Then finally at his weight check Robin weighed in at 12 lbs, 10 ounces. That was a 13 ounce gain in two weeks!  He had regained everything he lost and then some. I was relieved and the doctor told me I could relax a little more. Unfortunately, since that time I’ve really struggled with pumping often enough so I hope for continued good results at his five month well baby visit coming up this month, but I’m not expecting another 13 ounce gain, while that would be nice.  While his reflux still bothers him occasionally, I have my happy, healthy baby back.