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Today’s writing prompt is Bloom.

He’s using sentences now. After a year of halting inarticulate words and lots of pointing and screaming he is finally communicating. We still struggle at times and he falls back onto “dat” and “I dant it, mine!” She has finally begun to learn to enjoy her brother’s company. After last week’s insanity of packing and traveling, we’ve settled into a more normal routine and she seems happier. There are good natured screaming contests and fun loving scuffles instead of hourly brawls. I occasionally catch them playing nice together and I stop to watch.

There are still plenty of difficult days and I’m trying to enjoy these peaceful moments without worrying about the chaos that I know will eventually come. I don’t know for sure who is doing the blooming, them or me. Is it that they are developing and coming into their own as they grow up? Or is it me as I settle into my role as mom? After five years of motherhood I doubt myself more than even, yet I feel like I’m beginning to reach a place of peace. Acceptance of all that I cannot be, and prayer to help me to grow.

They use pots, pans and a cake carrier to reflect light and patterns onto the ceiling of our kitchen. They don’t notice that the pots are beat up and out of date nor that the old drop ceiling. The fact that the kitchen is small and cluttered doesn’t occur to them.  All they need is this sunny spot. When did my needs become so complicated that I can’t enjoy these simple joys. A sunny day, a morning spent in a cozy kitchen. We need to do more blooming around here and less growing up.


Photo Credit: Mukumbura via Compfight cc

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