Yesterday was my official return to exercise after my son’s birth almost two months ago. I have had a few casual walks and one near death march with my daughter in the stroller and my son in the front pack. After the latter I decided that perhaps I wasn’t ready to exercise so rigorously yet. Then my son and I had a fall down the stairs (I fell while holding him) and I injured my tail bone pretty badly. So exercise was put off a few more weeks. But finally yesterday I decided that I wasn’t waiting any longer. I got the kids up, got myself dressed and headed straight for my Wii. I gave my daughter the extra Wii remote and we did a short partner run. Then I did a little step aerobics, some yoga postures, a few balance games plus a weigh in and body test. The whole thing totaled 30 minutes, though I stopped the clock several times to change a diaper, nurse my son and give my daughter breakfast. But I figured something was better than nothing. For an added bonus I actually did the run and the step aerobics while holding my son which added a significant challenge.

My goal is to do Wii in the morning three days a week with the ultimate goal of losing 5 pounds in the next three months. I’ve already lost my pregnancy weight but I want to get into better physical shape so that I have more energy and the stamina to keep up with two children. My daughter enjoys watching me play Wii, even if it is just the Wii Fit exercise program, but my son isn’t so fond of the prospect. Once he develops a normal morning naptime I’m hoping to time my exercise accordingly. I’m starting slowly, hoping to increase difficulty and frequency as I go. Any tips on fitting exercise into a schedule with two kids? I’d love any advice I can get.