In spite of my best efforts, this has become a much busier Christmas season than I intended. I got most of my shopping done early, but somehow the busyness still crept in. All of last week was spent preparing to travel to visit my husband’s family the weekend before Christmas. We returned Monday night to a flurry of activity including shipping last minute Ebay sales, work Christmas parties and multiple doctor’s appointments. My recent diagnosis of gestational diabetes meant taking classes, running to the pharmacy for supplies, shopping at the grocery store for special foods, and time spent learning the routine of eating, exercise and checking blood sugar. I feel like I’ve been running on all cylinders for weeks. But this coming week between Christmas and New Year’s my husband is taking vacation from work. Other than wrapping a few presents and contributing a few food items to Christmas dinner, all the obligations are completed. So, somehow I want this Christmas Eve to be restful; spending quality time with my family, attending the Christmas Eve service at our church, time spent in reflection about the deeper meaning of this significant time.

The tasks and chores have been completed and all that’s left to do is sit in the light of the Christmas tree cuddled up with my husband and daughter thinking about how blessed we’ve been over the last year and dreaming about what next year’s Christmas may hold for us.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a peaceful, silent night.