This week time has been my biggest problem. The workouts are difficult, but manageable if you can set aside enough time to do them. (Of course, you always have the option of doing them at different times the same day).


Combo #4

Core Wake Up

Pilates & Yoga Loaded

Tabata Ball Workout

Total Length: 59 minutes

What I Like About This Combination

I’ll admit to being pleasantly surprised by this. It was not as hard as I thought. Don’t get me wrong, it is almost a full hour of movement which can be quite difficult if you aren’t used to it. But both these workouts keep things interesting so you don’t get bored. The hardest part was trying to find a whole hour to do them. (6 AM has become my workout time, again). Both use weights, which I was concerned would be overload, but they actually complement each other quite well, because they use weight in different ways.


Combo #5

Rockin Yoga and Pilates


Total Length: 62 minutes

What I Like About This Combination

I went into this workout feeling nervous. It is really long. But it is also very well balanced. I didn’t feel like I was overworking anything. Rockin’ Yoga & Pilates was mostly floor more, and most of Tabata was standing so I felt like I got a good balance.  Since these combos are so long I haven’t been doing as much of the Foundational Five as I would like, but Tabata has us doing some great belly breaths during the breaks between sets, so it almost felt like it was integrated. Good long workout without exhaustion afterwards. It was almost relaxing at points.


Combo #7

Weighted Warriors

Peaceful Blend

Total Length: 66 minutes

What I Like About This Combination

(These combos are out of order for a very good reason. My left knee has been bothering me a bit and I know from experience that Jump Change tends to irritate my knees. Hence why I’ve only done it once or twice).

This is a very long combination. I was reminded about an important lesson of movement. Slow movement is often more difficult than fast movement. Peaceful Blend is very slow, which makes it relaxing in theory but it also requires slow sustained movement, which is very taxing on the body.

I think the hardest thing about the Peaceful Blend is the frequent gate poses, which still are very challenging to me. The soothing nature of the workout is mentally nice, but sometimes I found myself wishing certain movements were over a bit faster. While this didn’t use to be one of my favorite routines, as I start making a mental short list of workouts for my next pregnancy, this will definitely be one of them.


What else did I do this week? This week I filled in my extra days with Kickboxing, Kelly Dean’s Wall Workout and Body Sculpting Outside. With two weeks done, we only have two more to go.

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