Throne of Jade begins with the immediate separation of Will Laurence and Temeraire after the revelation that Temeraire is a Celestial, one of the rarest dragon breeds in the world. Celestial dragons are only permitted to be companions to the Chinese royal family and the Chinese government is furious that Laurence has become Temeraire’s captain. The Emperor’s envoy demands that Temeraire be returned immediately but grudgingly agree to allow Laurence to accompany the Chinese entourage back to China with Temeraire.  During the voyage, violent storms, crew unrest and murder plots keep the action interesting. But when they arrive in China Laurence must face the biggest danger yet to his relationship with Temeraire.  This book is nearly as exciting as the first, but lacking many of the minor characters, such as the other dragons of Temeraire’s formation, that helped to make the first book so engaging. However, intrigue, espionage and explorations of Chinese draconic roles provide wonderful background on the treatment of dragons worldwide and additional dimension to Temeraire’s personality.