The week’s focus is Neutral Pelvis and Core Strength.

I’m trying add some cardio back in on the stationary bike. It’s harder than I remember. (Part of that could be because the bike is stuck on the high resistance setting). My goal was to peddle through a whole episode of a sitcom. (around 20 minutes I think). I only made it made it half way through and then I had to start taking periodic breaks. It was rough. I haven’t worked my legs out like that in a while. I’ll have to incorporate some arm workouts from Fit2B to help balance things out.

Functional movement is familiar to me. Ever since I first did Fit2B Studio’s Foundational Five, I’ve always tried to remember to engage my transverse whenever I’m exerting myself; things like carrying heavy loads of laundry, lifting my toddler, getting up and down off the floor multiple times when I’m cleaning up. The challenge was with the fact that this week had less formality, something I struggled with during the first few weeks. I just need to remember to create natural cues at times throughout the day to do my exercises.

First serious critique of Kelly I’ve had so far. I wish she hadn’t been wearing a long cardigan in the Functional Integration video and the Neutral Alignment video, which made it really hard to see her alignment properly.

When she talked about active standing, I know it was about me. As I’ve said before, I do a ton of standing. I have essentially a makeshift standing desk and I know I’m prone to sink my weight into one leg or the other. Sometimes even stand on one leg or the other when I get tired. But she talked about active walking I felt relieved. Finally something in my past experience that I don’t have to unlearn. After years of dance training I’m use to walking with engaged abs and head lifted. I’m used to making sure that I’m really holding up my weight instead of sinking down to the ground. Now the trick is remembering to do it all the time. I had a college ballet professor who used to comment every time we would go line up for across the floor and drag our feet. “I shouldn’t be able to hear your feet if you are holding your own weight. Pick up your feet when you walk.” So this I can do; long lean, lifted, abs, engaged, head up.

Next week I’ll be doing a Skype session with Kelly Dean to help me further improve my alignment. I’m looking forward to it.

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