It’s amazing how sometimes your needs get met before you even have time to worry too much about them. I’ve been worrying about various financial concerns lately. Mostly regarding our finances after the new baby arrives in March. One worry was how we were going to afford to cloth two children on our very limited budget. Since we are having a boy this time around, our use of hand-me-downs will be rather limited. We were barely able to get through this year and keep our daughter clothed. But then this week I received an email from a casual friend offering me several bags of boys clothing, most brand name and in good condition.

My other major concern has been how we are going to pay our various medical bills associated with the delivery of our son. We have some money in savings but since we don’t know exactly how many days I will be in the hospital, we don’t yet know how much the bill will be. I recently received a phone call from my boss asking if I could work a few more days a month in the office and increase my at home responsibilities because their current full time assistant has given her two weeks notice. (This is the fourth time this has happened since 2009 when I left to have my daughter). I thought I was walking away from this job almost three years ago, and every time I feel like I’m transitioning out, something changes and I find myself with more work. I can’t complain, while this is not an ideal time to be increasing my work responsibilities.  This is the financial provision I was looking for, just not the source I was expecting.