I’m in one of those crazy seasons where God is teaching me so much about myself through my children, especially through my one year old. Some of it isn’t necessarily for sharing. (I’ll spare you insight on the parallels between redemption from sin and a diaper blow out.) But yesterday during the church service God did speak to me through a sippy cup.

I was on my own with three kids during opening worship as my husband was serving. My mom provided a helping hand, but soon my sister and her three boys arrived as well, so she quickly had her hands and lap full. I had the baby on one hip and was trying to keep an eye on the other two as they colored and visited with their cousins. I try to encourage them to sing and read the words to the songs, but thus far I’m just happy we actually get through the service each week without me completely losing my mind.

Suddenly my usually happy one year old began to thrash and squawk. He had spotted the sippy cup belonging to his cousin sitting in the row in front of us. As chance would have it, today my sister and I had selected identical cups for our youngest children; an orange Nalgene with a giraffe on it.

I tried to explain to my son that it was not his cup. I kept saying “If you are thirsty, I have one for you.” But he, being 18 months old, naturally didn’t listen to reason. So I finally handed him his own cup that I had stowed out of sight in the diaper bag. He immediately began to calm down but still stared suspiciously at his cousin’s cup even as he guzzled from his own. At that moment, I felt God speak to my heart.


“Why are you so quick to complain about what others have? Can you not see that I am providing all that you need and that I am even anticipating your future needs?”


My son could not understand why his cousin had something that he was convinced was his. Except it wasn’t his. But he was unable comprehend that I had anticipated his need and had already taken care of it. How often do I lack the faith and understanding to realize that God knows my needs, even before I do?
He has gone before me to prepare the way. He will supply all that I need. It is so very easy to see what others have, and respond in envy or even entitlement. I cry out that it isn’t fair, especially when it’s something that feels so very necessary or is an long held desire. But in those moments, I lose sight of who God is. He is a loving Father, who wants good and wonderful things for me, but also what is best. I may squawk for my neighbor’s cup, when in fact God is preparing for me exactly what I need at the right time.
He has provided for your needs, don’t look at what others have, look at what He has already given and trust that He will provide whatever else you might need.