My husband’s father and step-mother arrived yesterday from Las Vegas,Nevadato stay with us for five days in our home here on the East Coast. We only see them every two to four years. I’ve actually only spent time with them three or four times since we were married eight years ago. While the quarters will be a little tight (only one bathroom, they are sleeping in our room and we sleep on the floor of our daughter’s room), my daughter already seems excited to see them. But then again, my daughter is two and loves almost anyone who gives her attention. After only two hours she had already gotten them both to read to her. This is the second time she has seen them since she was born; last time she was only a month old. I find myself wondering how she will feel when they leave after five days. She gets attached to people quickly.

Having family members stay in your home can be stressful. Originally they wanted to sleep on the living room floor. While I don’t look forward to sleeping on the floor myself, having them in our room is  much easier logistically than in the living room. (Our downstairs living area is mostly one room with the only wall between the living room/dining room area and kitchen.) I am already missing my own personal space to recouperate at the end of the day. I can’t go to bed early and lose myself in a good book. But I recognize how sweet it is of them to come all this way just to see us and our daughter. I’m cautiously optimistic about the next few days, but I can tell my husband is a bit more wary. Fortunately our daughter helps to break the ice in almost any situation.

How have you dealt with visiting relatives? Do they stay in your home or get a hotel room?