So I realize that I’ve been quite absent from this blog of late so I wanted to provide a brief explanation. My husband and I took our first trip alone since we’re had kids and our first real vacation since our honeymoon. My parents kindly took our children for five days and five nights while we were away. We traveled to Colonial Williamsburg where we stayed at a fantastic B&B modeled after a European country estate. Wedmore Place is just outside Williamsburg and on the grounds of a vineyard and the Williamsburg Winery. While we were there we spent a lot of time in the Revolutionary City, but we also toured the winery and spent time just reading and relaxing. The occasional rain was actually nice because it gave us an excuse to just hang around the hotel. We had breakfast served every day in the on site restaurant and had dinner some place new each night. Having uninterrupted conversations or just sitting quietly at meals was one of the best parts of the trip. That and not having to cook, clean up or wipe anyone’s face but my own.

Since our return I’ve been trying to catch up on daily life, including the vast quantities of laundry that were produced. I’ve also been tackling a couple of major sewing projects, which I will hopefully detail for you soon. This weekend is also my daughter’s fourth birthday, will all of the excitement and celebration therein. Suffice to say life has been and will continue to be very, very busy, but at the same time lots of wonderful exciting things are happening. Hope all of your summers are starting out well, whether busy, wonderful or both.