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This week’s prompt is Change.

I change diapers, change sheets. Change shirts when spit up or smeared food graces me more frequently than perfume or jewels.
“Change your attitude.” I tell my defiant five year old.
“Change your tone.” I remind her when the whines and demands rear their ugly heads.
“Don’t forget to change your underwear.” I call up the stairs as we get ready to face the day.
I try to change my thoughts, to focus more on the positive. Change my words to gratitude rather than complaint. Attempting to transform my body into one that is strong enough and healthy enough to handle this beautiful, crazy life I’ve been given. If I’m being honest I’d like to see myself look different in the mirror too. But maybe what really needs to change is the way I see myself.
I am strong.
I am determined.
Somewhere inside me is the wherewithal to manage all that beings thrown at me.  He who is within is greater than he who is within the world. Around me the world changes and I wonder how much of me changes with it. How much should? What parts of me are baked in, set and should not be moved? The only ones I know for sure or those that connect me to my Father, my source of life, the anchor for my soul. I need to let him change me more than I try to change myself. Renew my mind, my strength, my love and make me ready to face this day and each one after that.


Photo Credit: jjjj56cp via Compfight cc


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