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This week I decided to kick it up a notch a little by adding some more challenging workouts that target particular areas of the body but while maintaining the same basic structure of routines as last week; Foundational Five, cardio, upper body or other strength training.

I should also mention that you don’t have to do all of these workouts in one sitting to get the benefit. Maybe you do some in the morning, and some at night. Maybe during the kids’ naptime or while they eat lunch. Whatever works for you. But if you can’t complete all the workouts every day, don’t despair. You don’t need to do them all. As Beth Learn would say “You are doing more now than you were 15 minutes ago.” Celebrate what you do accomplish rather than lamenting what you don’t.



Totally Transverse

Basic Aerobics II

Ab Attack

Insane Upper Body

Total Length: 58 minutes

What I Like About This Combination:

I really enjoyed doing this combo because each one wasn’t more than 17 minutes or so. All together equally about an hour. Which was great. But because it was in separate segments, I was able to take breaks to deal with my kids. Ab Attack is not easy, but it feels good to be able to do it and really keep my core engaged. I really started to feel like I’m gaining strength this week, in both my core and upper body.



Basic Transverse & Mula Banda

Backside Burner II

Body Sculpting

Total Length: 61 minutes

What I Like About This Combination:

Backside Burner II is a good workout but doesn’t really burn my glutes the way I thought it would. As far as Body Sculpting goes, I was way more intimidated by this than I should have been. This was a fun workout and it didn’t totally kill me either. It was a great combo to compliment the Backside burner, since it also uses other areas of the body. So excited that you can finally find Body Sculpting on the Roku channel as well!



Totally Transverse II

Basic Aerobics III

Ultimate Upper Body

Neck routine

Total Length: 60 minutes

What I Like About This Combination:

This is great combo. I appreciate that Bethany offers a good cool down at the end of each workout, but sometimes an extra stretching or relaxation video is in order. I’d forgotten how much I love doing the neck routine. I probably should be doing it every day to battle the frequent headaches and neck and shoulder tension.



Mula Banda

Thigh Workouts

Weighted Warriors

Total Length: 61 minutes

What I Like About This Combination:

Wow! This is a killer combination. The Thigh Workout focuses more on lower body and Weighted Warriors the upper body. Both are on the slow moving side which requires the hard work to sustain the movement. This was my first attempt of the thigh workout, and I think I’ll need to come around to it again before I’ll have a fully formed opinion about it. But overall, one of the harder things I’ve tried.



Align it Flat

Tabata Ball workout

Total Length: 47 minutes

What I Like About This Combination:

I try to limit myself to just two workouts on Fridays. I don’t know why, I guess it feels like I’m rewarding myself for working hard all week. I find each week, as much as I sometimes get bored with Align it Flat, that I really need it. It’s easy throughout the week to begin to forget how to need to hold my body for ideal strength. This has been so important for me. It feels like a long time to spend doing something that doesn’t seem like a “real workout” but I’ve found the benefit is worth the time. Tabata Ball workout is a fun new way of doing Tabata that helps to keep it interesting. I do use a dumbbell instead a weighted ball, for now. Hopefully I’ll be buying some other equipment as I find I actually need it. (I’m hoping to need heavier dumb bells by the time I’m done too). The motions Beth Learn shows with the ball are definitely different and unusual compared to the typical exercise movements. It focuses on grip and dexterity in addition to basic strength training and light cardio.



Love Handles Lost

Total Length: 26 minutes

What I Like About This Combination:

I always forget how much I like this workout. It does tax the core in a new way and tends to force me to really use my psoas muscles as well. It isn’t so long that it’s painful, but it is still long enough to let you push your body just a little bit. I love doing this to start my Saturday morning. Sometimes I run on Saturday evenings with a friend, and this workout is a great complement.



Warrior Workout

Total Length: 12 minutes

What I Like About This Combination:

Short relaxing yet you can feel the muscles working. Sundays are busy for us, so I like that it isn’t too long and I can squeeze it in wherever. Plus, since the focus of next week is to take it easy a little bit, this was a great start. It also doesn’t get me super sweaty which is good if I’m not going to have time to grab a shower.

Bonus: Tummy Safe Transitions

Total Length: 16 minutes.

Sometimes if I have the time I throw in Tummy Safe Transitions as well. There is something about this workout, as far as core engagement, coordination and dexterity that I love. It’s not too long and goes well with the warrior workout. So if you have the time, feel free to tack this one on too. Or try one in the morning and one at night.

Next week is Week 3 which is also the rest and recovery week of the month. We’ll still be getting a good workout, but also giving our bodies a chance to rest and recover if needed. If you don’t want to do this week yet, feel free to repeat Week 1 or 2 and then progress to Week 4. I do recommend doing a recovery week at some point though.

Two weeks down, two to go. Until then, I’m Fit2B Inspired.

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