1260785_84481055So I mentioned last week that I had officially hit 300 posts and then I promptly forgot about it. When I first started my blog I didn’t entirely know what I was looking to get out of it. I wanted to write, regularly. I wanted to have a place to share some of the thoughts that swirled around my head in a semi-anonymous way. My anonymity went by the wayside when many people I knew began following my blog. At first I felt like I had a lot to say. Then I began reading other blogs and discovered how much I had in common with the world of women bloggers. At first I was intimidated, even disappointed so see that I wasn’t really unique. It seemed as though every corner of the cyberworld had been labeled and reserved. But I plunged forward anyway, not assuming that anyone was reading my posts, but writing them because I needed to get the words out, to put part of myself out there.

1383208_93464262I began following other blogs to learn and be inspired. The first was Simple Mom. Tsh Oxenreider and her story motivated yet intimidated the heck out of me. Other than periods of clinical depression and background in ballet dance, we didn’t have much in common on the surface, but this was my first blog that I followed and one the few of those first few that is still in my blog reader. I saw the blogging empire this woman had created, an idea that was spawned during some of the darkest times in her life, and I felt like I had nothing to offer. But the more I read of her words, the more I realized she wanted every woman to feel like she had something to offer. I did have something to offer. My thoughts and words, on a web page put out on the virtual bulletin board of the internet for others to read, share and comment on. I wanted to be part of the experience even if I was just a very tiny part

There were others, some that informed me, others that distressed me but helped me to grow and in some cases, I outgrew them, both as a blogger and a person. But as my needs changed so did the blogs I followed. Later came Modern Mrs. Darcy who inspired me with her general normalcy and yet amazing accomplishments and somehow I felt a kindred spirit. Lisa-Jo Baker whose words are descriptive and palpable. Her constant encouragement to mothers everywhere is a godsend and Five Minute Friday was the beginning of helping me to blog more consistently. There are so many others. Homeschoolers, crafters, writers, painters of words. These authors keep me coming back day after day to see what new thing they have to share.

1115855_32937600I want to be one of them. I know that I am, on some level. No, my blog doesn’t make money except from the occasional affiliate link. I don’t post daily. I’ve tried to do this in the past, but right now, at this phase of my life, I will settle for my relatively consistent three times a week.  I’ve written and indie published a book. (You’ll be hearing more about that in the next couple of months as we approach the Advent season). I’m working on my novel again, after a long hiatus. I’m crafting a Lenten devotional.

I have a voice. I know that I am only one voice in the sea of the blogosphere, but I will continue to share my thoughts and inspirations with you all for as long as I can. This blog keeps me writing, keeps me thinking, keeps me sane.

Thank you for reading, for following and for commenting. I appreciate each one of you and I hope you’ve been impacted by something I have shared in this unique space I call the Laundry List. I realize we are now technically beyond 300 posts, but I hope there will be many more as I continue to grow as a blogger, writer, mother and woman.