Last year my attempt at this challenge was a complete disaster. I was about to give birth to my third child, who actually came a week early, which meant I thought the challenge would go so much smoother. How wrong I was. Nothing about that fall went smoothly and my small smattering of posts were the proof. Life was never going to be the same again.

Fortunately in a year’s time, much has improved. My older kids can do a little bit more, my son is now a year old (how and when did that happen, I feel like crying right this minute) and really an easy going, trooper of a baby and usually a good sleeper too.(Don’t hate me, my first one never slept at all, I was due for a win in this department).

So here I am trying to complete this challenge again. Every year I’ve considered doing a more traditional approach to 31 Days, writing posts in advance, getting fancier with photos and logos. But it always comes down to why I’m doing it. I want to write. The whole focus on this challenge for me, is to get me writing. Five Minutes Free Writes keeps me from over thinking and obsessing. Instead I’m forced to just put the words out there, flaws and all.


I’ve seriously considered renaming my blog Honest Mommy. (Pretty sure that domain name is taken though). In a world of cropped, airbrushed, Pinterest perfect posts; I’ve opted for perhaps the reverse. I do share the good, but I’m also rather blunt about the not so good, and the downright ugly. Because that’s how life can be sometimes time.
Today I was supposed to prewrite a whole bunch of posts. Instead I spent the day in an eye doctor’s office being diagnosed with bacterial (we hope) ulcers on my left eye. So my real, is that instead of tackling the many projects on my plate, and prepping for another busy week ahead, I’m trying to rest my eye and applying antibiotic eye drops every half an hour.
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