Photo Credit: Jonathan Rolande Flickr via Compfight cc

They go through life, so completely centered on themselves, these little creatures of mine. They are unable to see the perspectives and needs of others. I know it’s just because they are kids. I’m trying to teach them, which leads to lots of conflict. Because they don’t like my ideas. I find myself getting so frustrated with their inability to learn.

Because if I’m honest, I’m not that different then they are. I see things from my perspective and I like things my way. Now, I am the mom, which means that at least for a period of time, I do know better than they do. But I’m also still human. It’s easy for me to be as self-centered as they are. As an adult, I hide it better and I couch it in phrases like “I do all the work around here, I deserve to relax” and “Hey, I’m the mommy, sometimes I need stuff just for me.” Those phrases may be true, but the reality is portrayed more in my attitude.

It’s easy to feel like a martyr. After all, my little minions can truly be ungrateful and act entitled. But if I’m modeling my parenting after my perfect Father, I know I need to develop a heart of love and service toward my children. God, in his mercy, puts up with plenty of complaining and ingratitude from me. Yet He never holds it against me. I need to be willing to extend the same grace to my children that is available to me.

How else will they learn unless I model for them how to love with actions, even if you don’t receive appreciation in return.