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It can be hard to feel motivated for a whole month, so this week will be a little bit easier. I don’t list the Foundation Five but obviously if you have the time to fit it in, they continue to be recommended.

This week is only one routine a day organized in my preferred combination. Why you say? I like to alternate cardio and stretching.

Day 1 

Kelly Dean Total Body Toning

This continues to be one of my favorite workouts, even on Fit2B. I could do this at least once a week, if not more. It’s all built in, stretching, cardio, arm work and core. When I know I should do something and I can’t decide what, this is the one I choose.

Day 2

Kelly Dean Total Body Stretching

If I could do the previous workout and this one every day, I’d be in fantastic shape. (That would probably be another interesting experiment).

Day 3

Kelly Dean Cardio

I enjoy this workout as a great way to switch up my usual short cardio choices, Basic Aerobics II or Basic Aerobics III. I wish it was on Roku, I probably would use it more often. But as it is, I do continue to work it in wherever I can.

Day 4

Pregnancy Stretching with Kelly

This is a great stretch, I don’t care if you are pregnant or not. So please don’t let that stop you.

Day 5

Kelly Dean Wall Workout

This is a short workout that has serious punch. If you have less than 10 minutes but know you should workout, this the one you need. You will get a good workout but not get too sweaty so you can fit it in anywhere.

Day 6

Bonus: Kelly’s Floor Core

I’ll admit this is not my favorite workout because it’s hard. It doesn’t seem like it would be, but core work on your back requires constant vigilance.

This experiment is going on a bit longer than I anticipated, but I still want to try to finish out the whole month. If you are getting bored or need more of a challenge, please feel free to add other workouts. The point is to see whether a month of Kelly Dean helps to reinforce proper patterns of breathing and core control. Only one week left!

The Kelly Dean Project Week 1
The Kelly Dean Project: Week 2

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