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Week 2: Incorporate Weights

Like last week, we’ll keep doing the Foundational Five and now do the 5X5 movements with full use of weights. Start with something that feels attainable, because you want to be able to maintain your core engagement and proper alignment during the movements.

This is a great challenge mostly because it reminds me of why I really didn’t like the gym. I just don’t love lots of reps. I start losing my form and getting bored easily. To do the whole combo five different times was hard to deal with and soon I found myself doing sets of 10 or 15 to make it go faster, which probably meant I wasn’t using great form.

I added weights in this week, which definitely took the difficulty up a notch. There were times that I wasn’t sure I could do all the reps, so I went as far as I could without pain. Discomfort I can handle, but pain is bad. I have been noticing a stiffness on my right knee, which I’m mostly chalking up to cold weather because it wasn’t happening just a few months ago. So I’m being especially careful not to aggravate it.

This week for bonus, try a stretching routine.

The PMS Routine

Restorative Poses

Neck Routine

Simply Stretching

Kelly’s Total Body Stretching

Move of the Week

Plie Squat with Overhead Press

This is my favorite movement because you get lots of bang for your buck. This works multiple muscle groups and if I add an extra core flex, it can be a good core workout too.

 5X5 Week 3: Add Simple Cardio


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