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Transitioning from the busy holiday season into an even crazier new year hasn’t been easy in our house. Many snacks and desserts were eaten. Not nearly enough exercise occurred. I wanted to begin the year with a good base to keep growing

My husband has never been into exercise and has agreed to finally give Fit2B a try this year. I’ll be blogging about our journey as well, maybe even with some brief reviews from him

So what are my Fit2B plans for this year?


The Kelly Dean Project

What if for two weeks (or three weeks, or a month, depending on your needs) all you did with the Foundational Five and routines by Kelly Dean? Why do I say this? Because having done abdominal rehab last year, and then followed it up with all the Kelly Dean Fit2B routines, I realized how many of the elements of rehab appear in this workouts. Does it replace rehab? Absolutely not, but it helps keep principles alive in my memory and muscles. Week 1 I’ll be doing one of the Foundational Five (or other simple Fit2B routine) and one of the Kelly Dean routines on Fit2B. Week 2 I’ll be reorganizing a bit to make things a little more challenging without adding too many additional workouts.


5X5 Challenge

As promised, I will be doing the 5 X 5 challenge for 5 weeks. How do I keep it interesting for 5 weeks? Add intensity. The first week I’ll be completing the 5X5 challenge as written (plus the Foundational Five of course), but for weeks 2-5 I’ll be adding more difficulty through adding weights and short cardio routines from Fit2B. I’m looking forward to the new challenge.

What next?

After that, I have some theories about what I’d like to try next, hopefully there will be some new workouts for me to try.

As we finish out the first week of the New Year I wish you a Fit2B new year and hope you’ll come back next week to check out the first week of the Kelly Dean Project.

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