I spent all day last Saturday doing my Christmas Baking. It was definitely interesting because I mostly made things I had never done before. I make two loaves of bread, one banana and one pumpkin for baskets for the MOPPETS teachers at my MOPS group. Then I made peanut butter bread for my daughter and husband to eat for breakfast. I also tried ginger bread cookies and Oreo cheese cake cookies (which was a combination of two different recipes). Usually I make spritz cookies with my cookie press but since my mother makes them in such large numbers, many of which my husband and I eat personally, I decided not to. Another favorite cookie I discovered last year was peppermint meltaways. These are great but my husband isn’t fond of mint and they use a ton of butter and yield a low number of cookies. I may still bake these eventually since I have plenty of butter, but perhaps not until right before Christmas. I also made Reese’s Peanut Butter Knock-off bars, which are a no-bake dessert, for a Christmas party we attended Sunday night. It was quite a day. The Oreo Cheesecake cookies will be taken to my MOPS cookie exchange today and I’ll come home with 5 dozen cookies of all different varieties. I’m still not sure I’ve fully recovered from twelve hours on my feet, but it is nice to have most of my holiday baking done.

What kinds of things do you bake for the holidays? Do you do it all in one day or stagger the work through every days?