Photo Credit: jenny downing via Compfight cc

This week’s prompt is Close.

A rare date night of a movie and dinner. (The order is so very important). We sit in the restaurant booth and discuss the movie. We leisurely eat our bread and salad, glad for once that the entrees are taking their time. We talk about things that interest us and no one interrupts. We drink wine slowly and savor the closeness. The crowded and loud restaurant feels refreshingly peaceful, in this intimate space between us. I joke that sometimes it’s fun to pretend we don’t have kids. We love our little creatures but they are so loud, so boisterous and so needy. Rarely do we exchange more than a handful of words while they are still in the land of the wakeful and once the bedtime gauntlet is run, we’re too tired for long drawn out conversations. But nights like tonight are precious. When we remember how it used to be, and how lucky we didn’t know we were. The quiet we traded for chaos and the privacy we exchanged for family. But if we set aside the time, the money and the energy we can still find the closeness that brought us together and keeps us going.

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