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One of the upsides of working through 31 Days to Clean is that I have time to really meditate on each chapter. The downside is that I have that much longer to feel convicted. Laziness is a tough label. Not one that I would apply to many moms I know. It’s not acceptable. We can be overtired, overwhelmed, in need of some downtime but never lazy. That being said, I don’t want you to think I’m going say you should never take a break and relax. (That would be my first instinct. “Fine, you think I’m lazy? I”ll never sit down again, just watch and see). That’s not what we are talking about. I’m talking about our flesh. The sinful part of us that just doesn’t want to do what we need to do.

I really don’t want to deal with another sink full of dishes so I’ll just leave them for my husband to do. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this sometimes, or perhaps it’s the other way around in your house). I put off frustrating tasks like writing checks or making doctor’s appointments. I dread a trip to the grocery store with just me and the kids. Now these things are no always inherently bad. In our house, my husband does most of the dishes because I do all the cooking, and all the laundry. He does the vacuuming and I clean the bathroom. Yes, I could try to do these things by myself during the day, but so far this shared method seems to work. (Perhaps when we finally get around to the next chapter of His Needs, Her Needs on domestic support I’ll discover I’m wrong, but I’m going with it for now). What’s in question is the attitude.

Am I putting off this task deliberately as an intentional decision because I know another time would be better? (I’ve been known to put off paying the bills when my kids are screaming for lunch. Sometimes there is a good reason to wait). In which case, decide on a time you will return to the task or who will do it instead and how.  Or am I just avoiding dealing with an unpleasant task or one I just don’t “feel” like doing? My daughter and I talk a lot about this lately. She tells me “Mommy, I don’t feel like picking up my toys.” Then I get to explain to her that I rarely feel like picking up toys, doing dishes or even cooking meals. But I do it because it’s part of my job as mom. Helping around the house is part of her job as a kid.

As a mom, I have an amazing job. It doesn’t always feel like it though. Sometimes it feels like nothing but thankless drudgery. But letting laziness get a foothold in my life and attitude will not improve my situation. So I struggle with this daily and actually felt liberated to read that author Sara Mae feels the same way. We lazy girls have to stick together, or at least poke each other until we get a move on.

Mary Challenge:
“Every time you find yourself saying, ‘I will do it later,” I want you to stop and pray, asking God to give you a spirit of diligence. Then, with an obedient heart, go to work.”

I especially appreciate that Sara highlighted that we will fail in this task. But that is where grace comes in. God extends it to us and we get to try again and try to do better next time. I need to learn to do this especially with house work. Sometimes just doing the task immediately is better than walking by it undone day after day at least for my mental health. I also need to apply this to unpleasant tasks. Sometimes I just need to do it and get it over with.

Martha Challenge
Kitchen – Sweep, vacuum, and mop floors. Add some fresh flowers to brighten your day.

Well, my kitchen needs this anyway. So it’s not that big a deal to do it yet again. Fresh flowers is also an easy task this time of year and I know it always seems to give my house life.

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