Two weeks ago today I thought I was going into labor. I was wrong. Since then I’ve been having intermittent contractions but have made no progress. Today is my official due date and I’m really bummed that I haven’t gone into labor yet. I have strong contractions in the shower in the morning and again every night before bed. After two weeks of this I’m getting very tired and very frustrated. On top of which I’ve developed a nasty throat cold which makes it painful to talk and hard to breath at night.

I know I sound like a great big whiner. Most women feel this way at the end of their pregnancy. My daughter was born the day before her due date so the prospect of going a week late and possibly being induced stresses me out. I’m scheduled to go in for testing next Wednesday to see how long I have before they are going to induce me. I love my baby boy and I’m looking forward to seeing him. But if he doesn’t make an appearance soon, I’m liable to begin resenting his delay. Please Baby Robin, come soon!