Several weeks ago I mentioned that I had finally taken the plunge and purchased some products from EveryDay Minerals to replace my less ideal make choices.

My big item on my list was the “No Makeup Makeup Kit” in Light to Medium shade.

I liked most of the products that came with this set. I definitely liked all the power varieties. The Natural was a very neutral and really does look like you are barely wearing makeup. The Viki’s Radiant Creation has a little more color to it and is better if you want more coverage and a darker look. The Bamboo Powder Light works great as a finishing powder. I like the colors of the Raw Sugar blush and Happiness Bronzer, but I can’t seem to figure out how to properly apply to blush. I usually prefer a more pink or peach blush but these work fine. I’ll be happier when I can figure out a technique to blend these better because so far I can’t get them to look right, I always end up with blotches during application. I love the Flora Eye Shadow and the Fauna Lip Tint. Though the Fauna lip tint is very neutral I’ve discovered that applying a little bit of blush or eye shadow between layers of it adds some nice colorful accent and still keeps the same smooth appearance. The Baby Bamboo flat top brush is easy to use and I already prefer it over my existing makeup applicators, though I’m already getting lazy about cleaning it regularly.

Beauty Serenade Kit

Both the Song Bird and New Leaf eye shadow shades are darker and less colorful than they appear online. The Song Bird especially leans too close to black and not nearly enough purple for my taste. The Prim & Proper and Taj Mahal eye shadows while nice were also a little disappointing. I was hoping they would be more pink than they actually turnout in person. Both are still very neutral. The eye kabuki junior brush is better for blending than application. Which leads me to a problem I’ve had with all travel size eyes shadows from Everyday Minerals. I hate the applicators. The eye shadow does not just glide on. It takes a while to start and the plastic applicator is abrasive. I wish I could break open the applicator and just apply with a brush, though the junior kabuki brush wouldn’t be the right one for it. I wish they offered eye shadows in the mini-size containers as with powders and blushes. It really is a shame because these are good quality products, but I’m hesitate to try a new shade of eye shadow in full size until I’m sure I like it and the travel applicators are so disappointing. Fortunately you can get tiny free samples via the custom kits Try Me feature, but there are a limited number of choices.

Brow Defining Kit

I will admit that I don’t really use this as a brow defining kit, but I was looking for good eyeliner choices. I don’t usually use eyeliner, but since EveryDay Minerals doesn’t seem to have a substitute for mascara I decided this would have to do. Both the liners are a little darker than I had hoped, but I like that they are shades of brown rather than black. The angled bamboo brow/liner brush does work well for lining my eyes, even for someone as unskilled as I am. The Rare Silk eye shadow is also a neutral but nicely complementary color. This eyeliner goes a long way. The tinniest little bit on the tip of the brush seems to be enough. I imagine that these will last me a very long time.

So far I found the Everyday Minerals products and prices to be on par with decent quality cosmetics. The selection of lip colors is sadly lacking but I’m hoping this will improve as they expand their new line. The fact that you can try certain shades of blush, eye shadow and varieties of powder for free is also a great feature. Selection is limited, but it is certainly a way to get started.