Most of these workouts recommend a short warm up of some kind. I thought this would be a great time to review the Foundational 5.

Warm up – Totally Transverse. This was the first workout I did on Fit2B Studio and I still like it a lot. She explains everything well and it really is a great core workout.

Yoga and Pilates Blend is no longer available, due to technical glitch, so I substituted the recommended Gentle Blend. Kind of a bummer as I was looking forward to a new workout. But the Gentle Blend was actually I better workout than I anticipated. I think I always forget how hard it is, despite how soothing and simple it appears to be.

Warm up – Basic aerobics. I wanted a good 10-15 minute warm up in lieu of the recommended walk. This worked perfectly. It got my heart rate up and I felt quite warm going into the next segment. Basic aerobics continues to be my go-to warm up. I get a little bored with it at times, so I try not to use it more than once or twice a week. But it’s reliable and a good 15 minute workout.

Kelly’s Floor Core Workout is a pretty good one. Though I definitely prefer vertical core work. Kelly mentions in the workout that the core is strongest in the standing position and I believe it. Even when my core was engaged the excess skin and fat around my midsection sagged to the side with gravity. I never thought I would feel more flabby laying down than standing. It was a discouraging workout, mostly because I had trouble properly feeling my core muscles, I often had to splint them with my hands to make sure I was doing the exercise right.

Warm up – Today I used Totally Transverse II as my warm up. I’m really enjoying returning to the Foundational 5 as my warm ups. It really helps me to engage my core better heading into these more challenging workouts.

Weighted Warriors – I’ve never done this workout before but I enjoyed it for a couple different reasons. I hate weights. But I also want to get stronger so I like that Bethany incorporates weights into some of her workouts. I liked Balanced a lot and so far I enjoy Weighted Warriors, though I think I might need lighter weights. But I’m going to keep trying to push through and hopefully soon I’ll be needing some heavier weights. I’ve had strong legs in the past, ballet training helped with that. But upper body has never been really strong and I’d like to be able to more easily manage my children. My 30 lb two year old still needs to be carried, especially with road and sidewalk conditions having been so bad this winter. I see in the schedule that I’ll be doing this workout again next week, and I’m looking forward to it.

Warm up – Mula Banda
I was feeling a bit ambitious today, so I thought I’d do a Mula Banda warmup, and then move on to Basic Aerobics 3.  Basic Aerobics 3 is a fairly new routine and I really enjoyed it. It is feels a little more choreographed and little more fun than the original Basic Aerobics that I usually do. It’s become my new go-to short cardio or warm up.

Insane Upper Body. This is a great upper body workout. I don’t like terms like shred and insane in my workout title, I’m looking to strengthen and care for my body, not destroy it. But this is a great upper body workout. Definitely one of the most challenging upper body wise that I’m done so far. But if you’ve made it this far, you have no need to fear, it won’t be insane, at least I didn’t think so.

I’m officially challenged. I was still feeling sore from Weighted Warriors the day before and then I tackled Mula Banda and Basic Aerobics III as my warm up. I finally feel like I’m really advancing. Bring on week 3.

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